Our Story

Life has taken me on a journey of a series of challenges to overcome, a journey of self-discovery.  I have come to understand that we all have the potential to create our ideal life, once we realize our power is something that must be cultivated and not left to chance.  Most of all I have come to learn what it means to have love for myself and the planet.

I've come to understand the importance of my home being a temple.  A place where I can shut out the world for a while and enter a new realm that is crucial for my health and wellbeing.  A space to just be, to dream, to create and to be grateful for what I have and for what I do not have.  A space to immerse myself in all that I love.  From this space a dream has become a reality.

The House of Velardi Candles is now here for you to enjoy.

There is nothing more calming and uplifting than coming home to a natural candle that fills the air with a subtle scent that just soothes the mind and makes me feel happy.

Lighting a candle lights up my Soul.

Each candle is soulfully created with love, intention and purpose and infused with Reiki to lift the energy and vibration of your space whenever you light your candle.